Waldis GarantieVARRIT 2



Dimensioned Drawings:



  • Safe interiors / cash drawers
  • Jewellery storage
  • User-friendly base
  • Additional electronic locks
  • Alarm integration and preparation
  • Paint finishes of your choice
  • Watch winder
  • Key storage etc.

Basic features

  • CAWI electronic combination lock
  • NCS 2502 B light gray paint finish


2-480 2-630 2-780 2-990 2-990TB 2-1260TB
Adjustable wooden shelf x x x x x x
Maple Wooden drawer x x x x x x
Adjustable metal shelf 150 x x
Pullout metal shelf 60 x x
Jewelry inserts type A A/2 x x x A/1 A/1
Jewelry inserts type C C/2 x x x C/1 C/1
Jewelry inserts type D D/2 x x x D/1 D/1
Single-leaf compartment 150 x x x
Single-leaf compartment 180 type S x x
Single-leaf compartment 360 mm x x x
Single-leaf compartment 360 type T x x
Pull-out box for hanging folders x x x
Pull-out hanging tray for hanging folders x x
Data storage box x x x x x
Armour-plated safe base x x x x x x

Protection class + Insurance cover

Protection class and insurance cover

  • VdS approval no. M105006
  • Resistance grade 2 according to EN 1143-1
  • Insurable value of contents: commercial up to 50.000 €, private up to 100.000 €
    The values specified are average values from insurance companies. The insurance companies are free in principle to conduct their risk assessment.

Design + security

Design and security

  • All Varrit models are prepared for steadfast mounting
  • Safe doors are completely bolted on all four sides
  • When break-in attempted, all bolts are automatically blocked
  • All models have choice of full door opening on right or left
  • Door opening angle > 180 degrees
  • The lightweight construction of Relastan® allows for a variety of location choice
  • Armouring technology based on the latest findings
  • 4 mounting options